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Picture a clock and imagine opening it up and looking at all the gears rotating in unison. Like a clock, your brain is an amazing machine that controls every function using precise timing, and is used in virtually everything we do.

Being able to focus on a teacher presenting a new concept.
Hitting a baseball, learning piano, or simply grabbing a glass of water.
Processing concepts in your mind and then through speech conveying these concepts to others.
Organizing and storing information as well as retrieving that information when needed.
It even controls when we want to sleep and wake up.

IM is a research-backed treatment program that helps improve timing through exercise and practice. Better timing leads to improvements in things like focus, coordination, planning, as well as processing speed. Whether you are born with a developmental deficit, suffering from a neurological injury, or battling a degenerative condition, IM is one of the key ingredients for enhancing your amazing time machine and improving the quality of your life.

IM can help with:

  • Working Memory
  • Fall Risk Reduction
  • Motor Planning
  • Proper Prostural Control
  • Proper Gait Control
  • And much more...

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Our certified network of IM Providers administers IM to children and adults in various clinical and educational settings